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Editor's Prologue

...and disclaimers and admonitions as we move forward!

Ron Derby, The Happy Wanderer..."Valdaree!"
Ron Derby Crosses the Cleveland Creek Bridge By Paradise Valley

VIEWS AND OPINIONS EXPRESSED in the content of this newsletter are those of the individual authors ONLY and are not necessarily the views of this editor and cannot always be guaranteed to be factual-based or truthful and may, indeed, be conjecture, perception or educated guesses. So, the reader must digest the information responsibly, consider the source of the info, and come away with his/her own conclusions. In turn, I will try to take every measure of responsibility to be accurate and truthful in my presentations and content to the readership. Most of the time, I'm just the messenger.
WEBSITE LINKS are scattered throughout the many pages and consolidated on the "Sassy Links" page.    These are useful resources for the reader but can sometime become corrupted and abused or shut down without the knowledge of this webmaster since they are products of other websites.    Please advise me if you find a problem with these links.

THE SCARLET SASSAFRAS is a private publication that is not owned or managed by the Chicago Area Council, The Boy Scouts of America, The Owasippe Staff Association, or The Owasippe Outdoor Education Center.

The PRIMARY MISSION of this publication will continue to be to inform and to caution the readership...about the health and well-being of Owasippe...its property and its programs, to encourage the camp's continued usage and growth, and to unify, inspire and motivate the very large and nationwide Owasippe "family" into positive action for the benefit and preservation of the reservation. Owasippe has had 94 years to grow this awesome group with whom we all have a tremendous bond. Truly, the improvement and the protection of this Scouting treasure is in ALL of our best interests and is the overriding factor in continuing this publication. Recommendations and ideas for TSS content and use are always welcome from anyone and should come unsolicited by those so inclined to further our cause.

A big THANK-YOU to those who bothered to e-mail or to advise me on website construction, especially Susan Bissett, Ron Derby, Karen Marvinac, Heidi Schlichting, and Joe Sener. Positive advice from anyone is always welcome!    We are also very appreciative of the many emails and comments and opinions rendered for the benefit of us all and for the preservation of Owasippe for the generations.  Keep up the good work .

AND...WE NEED COPY AND PICS FROM CAMP & HI-ADVENTURE.   Just e-mail me your copy and, if it is a pic, the name and date reference so we can assign proper credit to the donor.

An Owasippe Twig

To Scout Parents And Supporters Of Scouting:
Some Reasons Why A Period At Owasippe...
                                   >>> Will Pay Dividends To Your Son:
> Because... superficial city life often kills the best that is in a boy.   In camp, he can taste once again the simple life of his sturdy forefathers.
> Because... it will provide some wholesome change - new scenery - new things to do and think about - new faces, friends experiences, obligations and activities.
> Because... camping undoubtedly sends the boy back to school keener mentally, stronger physically, socially, and morally.
> Because... a boy has in his blood the "wanderlust", a compelling instinct.   Organized camping is a safe outlet.
> Because... it will give first hand contact with nature, birds, and butterflies; flowers and trees; streams and hills; and the animals of the woods.  All of these experiences help to teach the life story.
> Because... he will have ample opportunity to sit by the flower that "blossoms by night", the campfire.  Here in quiet, with mind eager and receptive, the great lessons are impressed.
> Because... it will be a chance to freely mingle and form acquaintances with other boys and men of good character and high ideals.
> Because... the boy finds that in his association with the delicate wild flowers, the solitude of the woods, the companionship of the birds, and the miracle of the stars, he is in close contact with God.  He cannot help but feel a greater responsibility to his Creator.  The boy who goes camping finds Him everywhere.
> Because... the most powerful stimulation, the strongest reactions, are the result of quiet, unhurried thought and convictions.
Thousands of Parents Who Know, Subscribe And
 Lay Testimony To The Above
(As reprinted from the 1926 Owasippe Camp Leader's Guide)


Ahhhhh, those crrrrrrrrazy Owasiskwerls!

Ahhhhhhhh, those crazy Owasippe Skwerls! Remember how they would steal food from your campsite, or chase each other around the trees, or chatter-up a storm, or slide down your tent at night and throw twigs at the canvas??? For more of this and other stories on these furry friends of the forest, click on the pic above.



*** Be a channel of communications between readers
*** Provide camp information, news, and commentary
*** Promote camp events, projects, and programs
*** Inspire creative thought and new ideas
*** Issue alerts and reflect concerns
*** Improve Owasippe programming
*** Expand Owasippe's horizons and participation
*** Reach out to others and motivate action
*** Preserve Owasippe INTACT for the generations






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